Jan 21, 2016

My First Picture Book!

this morning i got the first copies
of the picture book that i did for LOEWE last year.
it's called "In Meinem Körper Ist Was Los!" and explains
some of the things going on inside the body to little children.
it's very colorful and stuffed with crazy germs and happy little critters,
and you can open little flaps on each page to see what the body does
to get rid of meanies and troublemakers... :)

and here's some crappy cell phone pics of the actual book:

Jan 18, 2016

The Bloody Baroness

new adventures for Tom, Hedwig and Hugo MUG...
Gespensterjäger III from LOEWE

Dec 2, 2015

Creepy Attics Part II

almost forgot about this: second part of the Tesla series is available from LOEWE...

Nov 18, 2015


just found this somewhere on my computer.
it must have been some label i did to stick it on a present
for someone, but i forgot who or what or when. hmm.
anyway, had to laugh when i discovered it...